Conectaballs is gaining attention and taking the world by storm! It is both a puzzle and a building toy. It can be connected in virtually unlimited combinations to create numerous geometric figures, such as pyramids, cubes, and various free-form multi dimensional structures. Conectaballs is already being used in math summer camps and schools to supplement the curriculums with a fun and educational puzzle!
Conectaball’s beauty is in its simplicity – eight balls join together on a string to allow endless possibilities.


April 16, 2015


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The Canary

The free canary warbles
In leafy forest dell:
Who feels what rapture thrills her,
And who her joy can tell?

The sweet canary warbles
Where wealth and splendor dwell:
Who knows what sorrow moves her,
And who her pain can tell?

- Morris Rosenfeld

April 15, 2013


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Buttons from top to bottom: water lily, lily of the valley, first flowers, chamomile, bluebells, thistle, cornflower, russel muhroom, oak, blackberry, red under aspen mushroom.


October 09, 2012


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September 03, 2012