reclaimed coffee cup notebooks, new york city, design squish blog

reclaimed coffee cup notebooks, new york city, design squish blog

Reclaimed paper coffee cup notebooks by Christin Ripley

August 19, 2012


wood table, design squish blog 

cutting boards, design squish blog

Above: Musicians at Port Townsend Farmers Market.


salmonberries, design squish blog

Above: Salmonberry is a species of Rubus native to the west coast of North America from west central Alaska to California.  Salmonberries are found in moist forests and stream margins, especially in the coastal forests. They often form large thickets, and thrive in the open spaces under stands of Red Alder.  Salmonberries are edible and share the fruit structure of the raspberry, with the fruit pulling away from its receptacle.

blueberries, huckleberries, design squish blog

blueberries, huckleberries, design squish blog

Above: Blueberries and huckleberries picked in Upstate New York.

national geographic, bluberry picking, design squish blog

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brush factory, cincinnatti, pipr candleholder, design squish blog

brush factory, cincinnatti, pipr candleholder,design squish blog

Brush Factory started in Brighton, an historic industrial district of Cincinnati.  It has been home to artists, artisans, designers, and others for many years. Brighton is filled with handsome old brick multi-story buildings steeped in history. This history and unique setting inspires and infuses everything we do.  Brush Factory brand places value on things like little material waste, a balance between innovation and tradition and above all, creating a product that has a unique personality built to last. We are committed to excellence in craft, quality, workmanship and design. Rosie Kovacs, fashion designer, stylist and purist at heart, believes that living a simple life doesn’t have to be dull.  A Cincinnati native, she chose to start her clothing label after attending the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP School of Design. Residing in Cincinnati allows her to spread out, giving her the room and means to make her own products in house as well as collaborate with partner and fellow designer, Hayes Shanesy.


August 13, 2012


contemporary art, blane de st croix, sculpture, design squish blog

contemporary art, blane de st croix, sculpture, design squish blog

contemporary art, blane de st croix, sculpture, design squish blog

“Employing a combination of natural and industrial materials, my interest lies in articulating humankind’s desire to take command over the earth, revealing distinct conflicts with ecology, politics and ourselves in large-scale installations that utilize architectural space in a distinct, powerful and imposing manner”

contemporary sculpture, blane de st. croix, design squish blog


August 07, 2012


seashell necklace, rope, net, design squish blog

Seashell necklace made from seashells found on the shores of Florida. Holes in seashells are naturally carved by predatory Moon Snail.


July 25, 2012


handmade in brooklyn, rag rug, design squish blog

handmade in brooklyn, rag rug, design squish blog

Handwoven in Brooklyn from found and reclaimed fabric. 

July 24, 2012


design squish blog

glass drop lamp, design squish blog

design squish blog

scott burton, rock chair, design squish blog

design squish blog

serpentine chair, eleonore nalet, design squish blog


serpentine chair, design squish blog

Chair by Afteroom, Glass Drop lamp by Artilleriet, Rock Chairs by Scott Burton, Serpentine chair by Eleonore Nalet.

July 23, 2012


flower, forget me not, nature photography

flower, forget me not, nature photography

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July 19, 2012


for closure, sculpture, found doors, design squish blog

For Closure (Outdoors Providence), found local doors, 2009. By Gabriela Salazar.

June 16, 2012


reused plastic bottles, cloud, sculpture, design squish blog

Cloud made of plastic bottles which brought to life a local myth in Vrindavan, India.

garbage tent, design squish blog

“The Life Instinct” solo show by Anne Percoco celebrates makeshift solutions, survival instincts, and reuse of discarded material. The centerpiece is a scrappy yet intricate hut assembled from scavenged materials and textural handmade elements, which visitors could enter and sit inside.

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organic cotton fabric white cloud pillow, design squish blog

white cloud pillow, organic cotton, design squish blog

Take a nap with your head in the clouds. White organic cotton cloud pillow.


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June 02, 2012


clouds by georgia o'keeffe, design squish blog

sky above clouds, georgia o'keeffe, design squish blog

Sky Above Clouds by Georgia O’Keeffe

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May 31, 2012


worms, drawing by irina makarova, design squish blog

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May 28, 2012


kria jewelry, design squish blog

kria jewelry, design squish blog

kria jewelry, design squish blog

The Cod Collection from Kria is a study of the fish which has sustained Icelandic culture for centuries and focuses on extracting details to imagine objects of ritualization.



poster by federal art project in ohio, design squish blog

Poster by Federal Art Project, W.P.A, Ohio , US 1938. (Ohio is a buckeye state) Image found in The Library of Congress Photostream

May 27, 2012


vanishing of the bees, environmental documentary

Two great documentaries about bees - VANISHING OF THE BEES and QUEEN OF THE SUN

Both films center around the sudden disappearance of honey bees from beehives around the world, caused by the poorly understood phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD. Vanishing of the Bees does not draw any firm scientific conclusions as to the precise cause or causes of CCD, it does suggest a link between neonicotinoid pesticides and CCD.  Queen of the Sun explores the historical and contemporary relationship between bees and humans. 

vanishing of the bees, adam makarenko

Artwork by Adam Makarenko.


May 13, 2012


symbiosis, log fi, stanley ruiz, design squish blog

LOG-FI is a project by Stanley Ruiz and Wataru Sakuma of Masaeco.
Speakers were cast from tree logs with 100% paper pulp!



reclaimed materials, weaved old t-shirts made into soft chair padding

T-shirt chair by Maria Westerberg. Unique upholstery is created by weaving old t-shirts and textiles through chair structure. 

May 12, 2012


design squish blog

Re-Love  is a project by MAEZM.“Most clothes and chairs used in the past were collected by the artists and other relevant parties. It was designed based on a new method using objects in which memories remain and original function gone.  The discarded chair once again becomes a comfortable sofa with clothes on top. Clothes are what enable the chair to play its part. This is also understood as one’s own past. As clothes are tangled, memories can be tied up to create a new love. To love the things again means to add another function to them. To love the things again means to add another function to them”

design squish blog

“To love the things again here needs be distinguished from recycling. Though the old and ragged chair in my room will gradually lose a great deal of its original function, it will hold prevalent value over other new ones through the time and space shared with me. This chair may carry an image of myself on it, stretching leg to the floor, or elaborately cherish a reminiscence of a time when I conversed with someone.
Sharing of such time and memory is also a matter of intimacy between me and the thing. However, regrettably enough, we repeatedly replace the thing for a new ‘goods’ unconsciously in pursuit of the ‘function’ it provides. The relationship between a thing and people should be understood as an expression of
‘self love’ on oneself as a result rather than personifying a thing. The intention is that the act of loving a thing again is engraved as love of one self about the time and space, and such love be proposed as methodology through ‘RE_LOVE’ “

May 11, 2012

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